The best summer haircuts 21 ideas: Style, care and zest

With summer’s warm embrace just around the corner, isn’t it time to consider a hair transformation that matches the season’s vibrant energy? Have you pondered which haircut will not only turn heads but also breeze through the summer heat with style and ease?

The Buzz Cut: A Bold Statement

Step into the world of minimalist chic with the buzz cut, a bold leap into the simplicity of summer. This style is perfect for those who want to make a statement without saying a word, highlighting the natural contours of your face and emanating a sharp, masculine energy.

Who’s It For?

This cut isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s best suited for the ones with defined, angular facial structures and those who carry a certain nonchalance about revealing their scalp. If you’re not one for a bare-headed look or if your face is more on the round side, you might want to consider a style with more volume to balance your features.

Caring for Your Buzz

Maintaining a buzz cut is as straightforward as its appearance. A regular trim will keep it looking sharp, and a high-quality scalp moisturizer from a brand like Aveda will ensure the skin beneath remains nourished and healthy.

Stylist’s Insight

From a stylist’s perspective, there’s a fearless vibe that comes with rocking a buzz cut. It’s not just a haircut; it’s a lifestyle choice that screams confidence and individuality.

The Modern Mullet: Fluidity and Form

Cue the modern mullet—a contemporary take on a classic style that encapsulates a smooth transition from business in the front to a more relaxed vibe at the back. It’s for those who play by their own rules yet understand the game of elegance.

Suited Personalities

Ideal for the style-savvy individual with an oval or square face shape, this haircut is versatile yet might not blend well in more conservative environments. It’s a balance between edgy and professional, a hairstyle that defies the ordinary.

Nurturing Your Mullet

Embrace the easy-going essence of the mullet while keeping it in check with products like Bumble and Bumble’s texturizing spray, perfect for managing that subtle party at the back.

Stylist’s Insight

Adopting the modern mullet is a statement of confidence and a flair for the unique. It’s the chosen style for trendsetters and those unafraid to stand out.

The Clean Crop Top: Chic and Controlled

For those who prefer a more tailored appearance, the clean crop top is the quintessence of precision. The stark contrast between the faded sides and the textured top sets the stage for a look that’s as sharp as it is stylish.

Who Will Shine?

This style is a chameleon, adapting to most face shapes and particularly complementing those with angular features. However, it may present a challenge for individuals with extremely curly or fine hair.

Maintaining the Crop

To keep your crop pristine, invest in a matte pomade from Layrite for that perfect texture and a blow-dryer to add volume where it’s needed.

Stylist’s Insight

This cut isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good. It’s for the urban warrior, the forward-thinker, the man who commands attention when he steps into a room.

The Sophisticated Undercut: Sleek and Timeless

Enter the realm of the sophisticated undercut, where the blend of timeless elegance and modern edge coexists. This cut features a sleek, combed-over top that gracefully contrasts with the undercut sides, offering a versatile look that’s both sharp for the boardroom and stylish for a night out.

Who It’s Tailored For

The undercut works wonders on those with a daring sense of style, who can carry off the juxtaposition of lengths. It’s especially flattering for men with oval or rectangular face shapes, as it elongates the face and adds a dash of suavity.

Undercut Upkeep

Keeping your undercut in impeccable condition requires a bit of effort. Regular trims are a must to maintain the clean lines, and a high-quality pomade or wax from brands like American Crew will keep your hair sleek and in place.

A Stylist’s Musings

As a hairdresser, I find the undercut to be a reflection of the wearer’s polished taste. It’s a choice that speaks of meticulousness and a love for classic styles with a modern twist.

The Textured Top: Casual Meets Class

The textured top is a playful yet polished style, perfect for the man who walks the line between casual and put-together. With its choppy layers and strategic volume, this look brings a lively dynamic to the hair’s natural movement, making it an excellent choice for the active summer days.

Finding the Right Fit

This look is most flattering on those with thick hair that can support the texture. It’s a great fit for round and heart-shaped faces as it adds height and structure, balancing out softer features.

Textured Top Tips

To maintain this look, you’ll need a good texturizing product—think sea salt spray or a light clay—to enhance the natural volume and movement. A brand like Kevin Murphy offers excellent choices that won’t weigh your hair down.

From the Stylist’s Chair

In my line of work, the textured top is for the man who enjoys a bit of edge without overcommitting. It’s a style that allows for personality to shine through without sacrificing sophistication.

Curly Charm: Embrace Your Natural Texture

As we sail into the sunny seasons, let’s not forget the allure of natural curls. There’s a certain charm to the way they coil and caress the contours of the face. The key to mastering this look is to let your curls flow freely while giving them just enough direction to show you’re in command.

Ideal Candidates for the Curly Look

This look is a winner for men with naturally curly hair. It’s particularly flattering for those with an oval or diamond-shaped face, as it adds volume on top and balances the face’s proportions.

Curl Care

To keep your curls defined and frizz-free, hydration is your best friend. Look for curl-enhancing creams from brands like DevaCurl, designed to nourish and define your curls without weighing them down.

A Stylist’s Perspective

From behind the chair, I see curly hair not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to showcase nature’s artistry. This is for the man who’s ready to embrace his natural gifts and wear them with confidence.

The Structured Fade: Precision Meets Personality

Moving on to a more structured realm, the fade haircut stands out with its precise gradients, blending seamlessly from skin to full-bodied hair on top. It’s a staple in men’s grooming that offers a neat, professional look with just enough edge to keep it interesting.

Who Should Go for the Fade

The fade is incredibly versatile, fitting a wide array of face shapes and hair types. It’s a particularly good match for men who prefer a clean-cut appearance but still want some texture and style on top.

Maintaining the Fade

The key to an ever-fresh fade is regular upkeep. You’ll need to visit your barber every few weeks, but in between, a dab of matte clay from Baxter of California can help maintain that perfectly imperfect texture.

Insights from the Styling Station

In my craft, the fade is a foundational style—it’s a canvas for personality. Each fade is as unique as the individual, a tailored fit that can be dressed up or down, reflecting one’s character.

The Long and the Short of It: Medium-Length Mastery

Let’s not overlook the allure of medium-length hair. It’s a stylistic balancing act, offering enough length to play with while not requiring the commitment of long tresses. With its sweeping layers, this style introduces a sense of romanticism and freedom.

Choosing This Style

This style suits men with wavy or straight hair best and is a godsend for those with thinning hair as it provides volume and coverage. It flatters those with a heart or square face shape, softening angles and adding a touch of elegance.

Hair Care Hacks

For maintaining this look, use a lightweight mousse or styling cream like those from R+Co to add volume and hold without the weight, allowing your hair’s natural texture to shine.

Stylist’s Secrets

As a stylist, I appreciate the versatility of medium-length hair. It’s for the man who enjoys variety—sleek and pulled back for the office, tousled and textured for the weekend.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Stand Out with a Striking Flat Top

The flat top is a bold choice that harks back to the classic era of rock’n’roll with a modern twist. It’s for the man who’s not afraid to stand tall and stand out in a crowd. This structured style turns heads with its geometric precision.

The Ideal Flat Top Fan

This cut is perfect for those with dense, straight hair. It’s a confident pick for men with round or oval faces, as the height of the flat top can add balance and draw the eye upward.

Flat Top Finishing Touches

Keep your flat top crisp with regular trims and a strong-hold gel that won’t flake, like the ones from Schwarzkopf Professional. Precision is key to this architectural style.

Reflections from the Salon Floor

In my experience, those who opt for the flat top are often the life of the party—bold, unapologetic, and full of character. This is a style that’s not just seen but remembered.

The Textured Quiff

Last but certainly not least is the textured quiff. It’s a modern classic that combines volume with style. This versatile look is easily adaptable, whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a casual brunch.

Quiff Compatibility

The quiff works best for men with thick hair, and it’s particularly flattering for those with a receding hairline, as the lift at the front gives the illusion of fullness.

Quiff Care

A good volumizing powder or texturizing spray will be your best allies in keeping your quiff full and lively. Consider something like Hanz de Fuko’s Quicksand for a gravity-defying hold with a matte finish.

Tales from the Hairdresser’s Chair

In my salon, crafting a quiff is like sculpting—it’s an art form that melds the bold with the refined, for the man who’s all about making an impression without saying a word.

The Laid-Back Dreadlock Look

When it comes to a hairstyle that’s both a cultural statement and a laid-back look, dreadlocks stand out. They’re not just about style but a way of life for many. The ease with which they frame the face and flow with your natural movements makes them a perennial favorite.

Who Rocks the Dreads

Dreadlocks are a commitment, ideal for those who appreciate their heritage or want to make a statement about natural beauty. They work well for most face shapes and hair types, provided you’re ready for the journey of maintaining them.

Dreadlock Dedication

Maintaining dreadlocks is a unique process, involving regular washing with residue-free shampoo and occasional re-twisting to keep them neat. Consider a line like Knotty Boy for products specifically designed for dreadlock care.

From Your Stylist

In the stylist’s chair, creating and maintaining dreadlocks is a profound journey. It’s about embracing a look that’s as carefree as it is charismatic, for those who see their hair as a reflection of their personal narrative.

The Artistic Undercut: A Canvas on Your Head

The artistic undercut is where personal expression and edgy style meet. This bold haircut not only features shaved designs for a tattoo-like effect on the scalp but also pairs with braids on top for an extra layer of visual interest.

Who’s It For?

Perfect for the audacious and the trendsetters, this cut is particularly suited to those who view their body as a canvas for self-expression.

Caring for This Style

Maintenance will involve regular visits to the barber to keep the shaved designs crisp, while braids may require periodic re-doing to keep them neat.

Stylist’s Insight

As a stylist, it’s thrilling to work on such a creative hairstyle. It reflects the wearer’s vibrant personality and often, their artistic inclinations.

The Curly Crop’s Comeback

The curly crop is making a big comeback, striking the perfect balance between control and wild abandon. With the sides kept short and neat, the curls on top are free to add personality and movement to the look.

Who Should Embrace the Curl

This hairstyle is excellent for those with naturally curly hair and suits a variety of face shapes, especially if you’re looking to add volume on top.

Caring for Curls

To keep your curly crop looking its best, invest in a curl-defining cream or gel. Aveda’s Be Curly line is excellent for enhancing curls while taming frizz.

From the Stylist’s Perspective

In the salon, a curly crop is a joy to shape. It’s for the person who loves their natural texture and wants a style that’s both trendy and manageable.

The Modern Pompadour: Classic Cool

The pompadour has been the epitome of cool for decades, and it’s not going anywhere. This modern take on the pompadour combines sleek sides with a voluminous top, for a look that’s as polished as it is edgy.

Pompadour Perfection

Men with thicker hair will find the pompadour especially flattering, though it can be adapted for most hair types. It’s best suited for individuals with round or square face shapes, as it lengthens the appearance of the face.

Pompadour Maintenance

High-quality pomades and a good blow-dryer are essential for styling a pompadour. Layrite and Suavecito offer products that provide hold and sheen without the grease.

A Stylist’s Take

In my hands, a pompadour is not just a style, but a masterpiece. It’s for the classic man with a modern twist, someone who appreciates the past but lives firmly in the now.

The Side-Parted Slick Back: Understated Elegance

Finally, let’s talk about the timeless elegance of the side-parted slick back. It’s a style that’s understated yet speaks volumes about the wearer’s attention to detail and appreciation for classic grooming.

Ideal for the Slick Back

This style works best for men with straight or slightly wavy hair. It’s particularly flattering for those with rectangular or oval face shapes, creating a balanced, symmetrical look.

Keeping It Slick

To maintain this style, a fine-toothed comb and a firm-hold gel are your best friends. Baxter of California and American Crew have products that will keep your hair in place all day without flaking or stiffness.

Words from the Stylist

For those of us wielding scissors and combs, a side-parted slick back is the epitome of suave. It suits the man who values tradition, who moves through the world with grace and assurance.

The Classic Volume Quiff

The volume quiff remains a go-to for its classic silhouette and modern twist. It combines volume and texture on top with neatly tapered sides, offering a clean yet bold statement.

Suited to the Bold

Best for men with thicker hair, the quiff frames oval and triangular face shapes beautifully, accentuating strong jawlines and adding height.

Maintaining the Quiff

Achieving the perfect quiff requires a blow dryer for volume, a round brush for shape, and a matte finish product for texture, like those from the Hanz de Fuko line.

From the Stylist’s Eye

Creating the quiff is about balance—enough lift and texture to be striking, yet still tasteful and adaptable for any occasion.

The Tousled Wave: Effortless Style

The tousled wave is all about that effortless, just-out-of-bed look. It’s perfect for the man who wants a hairstyle that combines casual ease with a hint of structure.

Suited to the Casual Styler

This look is ideal for men with naturally wavy hair and works well with round, oval, or heart-shaped faces. It adds texture and volume without the need for meticulous styling.

Wave Maintenance

A sea salt spray and light hold matte product will help maintain the tousled effect, giving structure without sacrificing the natural wave.

From the Stylist’s Perspective

This style is a favorite for its versatility. It’s laid-back yet can be dressed up for a sharper look, suitable for any occasion from beach days to business meetings.

Sleek and Neat: The Refined Gentleman

For those who prefer understated sophistication, the sleek and neat style is timeless. Its clean lines and classic form exude elegance and a sense of meticulous grooming.

Who It’s For

This style suits all hair types and is particularly complimentary for square and heart-shaped faces, providing a streamlined, professional look.

Keeping It Sleek

A fine-toothed comb and a light hold gel, such as those by American Crew, will keep this look polished from day to night.

A Stylist’s Perspective

It’s a pleasure to craft such a classic style. It speaks to the gentleman who appreciates precision and a neat aesthetic.

The Bold Bleach: Making a Statement

Bleached hair is not just about color—it’s a declaration of confidence and individuality. The contrast of platinum against natural tones makes this style a head-turner.

Best Candidates for Bleach

While bleaching suits most hair types, it’s particularly striking on those with a cool skin undertone. It can accentuate features and add an edgy vibe.

Care for Bleached Hair

Bleached hair needs extra care. Invest in a quality purple shampoo, like the ones from Redken, to avoid brassiness and keep your hair healthy.

From Behind the Chair

Bleaching is an art form, transforming your look with a bold new hue. It’s for those unafraid to experiment and stand out.

The Buzz Cut Evolution: Sharp and Modern

The buzz cut has evolved. With precision fades and even patterns etched into the sides, it’s a modern twist on the classic military cut.

Who’s It For?

Perfect for the low-maintenance man, this cut works well for all hair types and is especially good for accentuating strong facial features.

Buzz Cut Care

Keep it sharp with regular trims and minimal styling. A light scalp moisturizer will keep the skin healthy and complement the cut.

The Stylist’s View

The buzz cut is a staple in my repertoire. It’s sharp, it’s sleek, it’s effortlessly cool.

The Contemporary Crop: Texture and Edge

The contemporary crop is all about texture. With its tousled top and faded sides, it’s a casual yet stylish choice for the modern man.

Ideal for Whom

This cut is excellent for men with straight to wavy hair and works best for those with rounder face shapes, adding structure and edge.

Styling the Crop

A texturizing powder or clay, such as those from Kevin Murphy, will maintain the look’s body and texture.

From the Stylist’s Chair

This crop is a favorite of mine. It’s versatile, it’s textured, it’s effortlessly cool for any occasion.

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