Men’s hairstyles for round faces 21 Ideas: Your ultimate guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on men’s hairstyles for round face shapes. If you’re a man with a round face, you’re in the right place. We understand that finding the perfect hairstyle that complements your unique facial structure can be a daunting task. But worry not! In this article, we will provide you with a curated collection of stylish and trendy hairstyles specifically tailored to enhance and flatter round face shapes. Let’s dive right in!

Understanding Round Face Shapes

Before we delve into the hairstyles, let’s take a moment to understand what constitutes a round face shape. A round face is characterized by soft, curved lines with equal width and length. The cheekbones are usually the widest part of the face, and the jawline is typically rounded. By identifying your face shape, you can select hairstyles that create the illusion of more defined angles and add a touch of symmetry.

Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Textured Crop with Tapered Sides

The textured crop is a versatile and trendy hairstyle that works exceptionally well for men with round faces. This haircut involves keeping the hair on top slightly longer and adding texture to create height and volume. To balance the roundness, tapered sides provide a more angular look, adding definition to your facial features.

Angular Fringe

The angular fringe is a modern and edgy hairstyle that suits round face shapes perfectly. This style features longer hair at the front with a gradual taper towards the back and sides. The angular fringe adds a geometric element to your look, creating the illusion of a longer face shape.

Undercut with Quiff

The undercut with a quiff is a stylish combination that works wonders for round faces. The undercut involves shaving the sides and back while leaving the top long. Pair it with a voluminous quiff, styled upward and backward, to elongate your face visually. This combination exudes confidence and sophistication.

Side-Parted Pompadour

The side-parted pompadour is a classic and timeless hairstyle that can be adapted to suit various face shapes. For round faces, create a deep side part and comb the hair to one side. The height at the front adds verticality, elongating your face shape and creating a more angular appearance.

Beard Styles for Round Faces

In addition to hairstyles, strategically chosen beard styles can complement your round face shape further. Consider opting for a beard that adds length and definition to your jawline. A well-groomed goatee or a short boxed beard can help create a more chiseled look.

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