Hairstyles with curtain bangs for men in 2024: Best 18 ideas and inspiration

The ever-evolving world of men’s hairstyling has a fresh frontrunner for 2024: curtain bangs. This fashionable, adaptable cut has rapidly grown in popularity among those eager to bring flair to their hair. Dive into our guide on curtain bangs for men and discover how you can embrace this year’s trendsetting hairstyle.

Defining Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs, colloquially known as “gentleman’s bangs,” are characterized by their long, parted style that frames the face reminiscent of curtains parting on either side. This cut introduces a blend of sophistication and modernity to any man’s aesthetic, positioning it as a go-to for those aiming to leave an impression. Its adaptability ensures it caters to diverse face shapes, making it a sought-after choice for gents everywhere.

Why Opt for Curtain Bangs in 2024


Curtain bangs seamlessly adapt to varying hair lengths, textures, and personal vibes. Be it straight, wavy, or curly hair, this style can be tailored uniquely for you.

Enduring Allure

While curtain bangs are the talk of 2024, they boast a legacy in men’s grooming, symbolizing a timeless charm. Opting for this look means embracing a style that’s evergreen.

Facial Enhancement

Recognized for accentuating the face, curtain bangs soften sharp features and spotlight the eyes, crafting a more engaging and charismatic appearance. It’s the top pick for those aiming to refine their facial profile.

Mastering the Curtain Bangs Look

Crafting the quintessential curtain bangs calls for a seasoned hairstylist with a keen understanding of this trend. Follow our guide to achieve this standout look:


Initiate your journey by arranging a consultation with a proficient hairstylist versed in men’s grooming. Share your vision, and trust their insights tailored for your face shape and hair texture.

Precision Cut

Your stylist will meticulously cut and shape your hair, emphasizing the ideal length and layering for the curtain bangs effect.

Daily Grooming

Keeping curtain bangs pristine demands regular upkeep. Arm yourself with top-tier hair products that hold and shape your bangs. Your hairstylist will guide you to the right products fitting for your hair type.

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