Hairstyles with bangs for men with round face 15 ideas

In the dynamic world of men’s fashion, the quiff remains a classic hairstyle that has evolved over time, consistently redefining the essence of style. Designed to complement various face shapes, the quiff particularly flatters the round face by adding height and angles, enhancing facial structure. This article delves into this timeless hairstyle, showcasing diverse variations tailored for the round-faced gentleman. Each photograph brings a unique perspective to the quiff, offering inspiration for those looking to refresh their look.

Elevated Elegance: The Classic Quiff

This representation of the classic quiff exudes an air of sophistication. Here, the hair is styled upward and back, creating a voluminous front that adds height to the face. The sides are neatly undercut, blending into the fuller top, a harmonious balance that elongates the face. This hairstyle is a testament to the versatility of the short to medium length hair, perfect for the gentleman who values a polished appearance with a hint of edginess.

The Intellectual Quiff: Refined and Studious

Donning a pair of vintage glasses, the subject in this photo adds a studious charm to the quiff. The hair is teased into a soft, textured wave, adding depth to the short straight strands. The natural wavy texture is embraced, showcasing that a quiff can be both structured and playfully casual. This style is suitable for those who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look that transitions seamlessly from the office to an evening out.

Silver Fox Quiff: Ageless Style

This image presents a distinguished take on the quiff for the 60 year old man. The hair is expertly combed back with a gentle lift at the front, complemented by a neat beard that frames the face. The silver tones of the hair add an air of wisdom and refinement. This style is a classic choice for the mature man who carries his years with pride and wants to make a statement of ageless elegance.

The Bold and the Beautiful: A Quiff with Attitude

Featuring a sharp and defined quiff, this hairstyle is all about attitude. The sides are closely cropped, leading to a dramatic contrast with the thick, long fringe. The top is styled in a forward fashion, challenging traditional norms and exuding confidence. This bold look is for the man who’s not afraid to stand out and wants his hairstyle to be a conversation starter.

Subtle Sophistication: The Understated Quiff

Here we have a more subdued take on the quiff, perfect for the man who prefers understated elegance. The hair is cut short, with a slight quiff at the front to add dimension. The facial hair is kept to a clean shave, ensuring that the focus remains on the hairstyle itself. This look is ideal for those who want to add a touch of class to their daily ensemble without overwhelming their round face shape.

The Urban Quiff: Sleek and Modern

In this photo, the short sides and textured top create a sleek and urban quiff. The hair’s natural texture is highlighted, giving a contemporary edge to the style. This look is for the modern man who is always on the go but wants to maintain a stylish and put-together appearance. It’s a versatile style that can be dressed up or down, making it a staple for any fashion-conscious individual.

The Trendsetter: A Quiff for the Modern Age

This image captures a quiff that’s on the pulse of 2024 trends. The hair is cropped close on the sides while the top is left longer, styled in a messy yet intentional way. It’s a hairstyle that speaks to the trendsetters and fashion-forward men who are always a step ahead in the style game. This quiff variation is a bold declaration of personal style and individuality.

The Casual Quiff: Effortlessly Cool

Casual yet undeniably cool, this hairstyle showcases a relaxed quiff with a tousled finish. It’s perfect for the man who wants to look put together without seeming like he tried too hard. The natural curl and texture give life to the curly hair, making it an excellent option for those with a laid-back approach to style.

The Statement Quiff: Bold and Brash

In a bold statement of style, this quiff rises with confidence, paired with an eye-catching, vibrant patterned shirt that screams tropical vibes. The hair, with its artful contrast of dark and lighter tones, is swept back smoothly to create a wave-like silhouette that stands out against the roundness of the face. It is a daring choice for the man who is not just a part of the crowd, but the one who leads it.

Minimalist Asian Quiff: Clean and Contemporary

Reflecting the minimalist aesthetic, this sleek Asian men short hairstyle embodies simplicity and elegance. The hair is cropped short with a subtle rise at the front, adding a gentle contour to the round face. This clean, straight look, devoid of any fuss, is ideal for those who appreciate a modern, no-nonsense approach to their grooming ritual.

The Polished Quiff: Sharp and Defined

Exemplifying a sharp and defined quiff, this hairstyle is the epitome of a polished look. The immaculate styling with a voluminous lift compliments a well-groomed beard, creating a balance that accentuates the jawline against a round face. It’s the quintessential haircut for the modern gentleman who values precision and a meticulous appearance.

The Urban Edge Quiff: Stylish and Street-Smart

Here’s a quiff that’s all about urban edge. The hair is styled with a rugged texture on top while maintaining short sides, resulting in a look that’s both stylish and street-smart. The addition of sunglasses adds an air of mystery and charisma. It’s the go-to style for the contemporary man who’s in tune with street fashion and isn’t afraid to show off his boldness.

The Trendy Tousle: A Quiff with Character

This photograph captures a tousled quiff that’s brimming with character. The medium length hair is worked into a casual upheaval, sporting a carefree vibe that’s nonetheless trendy. This style is for the man who walks the line between nonchalance and fashion-forward thinking, making a statement with his seemingly effortless, yet eye-catching hairstyle.

The Refined Quiff: Classic with a Twist

Presenting a classic quiff with a modern twist, this hairstyle showcases a refined approach to the round face. The facial hair is trimmed to perfection, complementing the hair’s textured volume. It’s a look that signifies a man who is at ease in both the boardroom and the bar, carrying with him an air of approachable sophistication.

The Modern Crop: Edgy and Effortless

Lastly, we see a modern crop quiff that embodies edginess and effortlessness. The top is worked into a tousled style, with the sides and back cropped closely to the head, giving a stark contrast that is very much en vogue. This haircut is for those who embrace contemporary fashion while enjoying the ease of a low-maintenance yet high-impact hairstyle.

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