Best men’s hairstyles with long bangs 2024: 16 ideas and styles

The quiff hairstyle has long been a symbol of dapper elegance, blending the edgy vibes of a pompadour with the sharpness of a 1950s rockabilly cut. As we delve into this style’s evolution, we encounter modern interpretations that not only respect the classic roots but also introduce a contemporary flair suitable for any trendsetter. The following stylings are more than mere hair arrangements; they are a statement of personal style and confidence.

The Elevated Edge

Featuring an undercut that dramatically separates the shaved sides from the voluminous top, this style redefines the classic long quiff. It boasts a textured finish that adds depth, with the top cascading forward in a bold sweep of silver. This look isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a modern sculpture that demands attention. It’s perfect for those with straight hair looking to make a statement in the 2024 fashion landscape.

Sleek Sophistication

Imagine a style that speaks volumes of one’s meticulousness – the sleek sophistication of this quiff is just that. The hair smoothly transitions from a deep side part into a floppy, curved silhouette that graces the forehead. This one is for the man who prefers a classic approach but isn’t afraid to add a hint of modernity with a shiny, well-groomed finish, catering especially to those with an oval face.

The Maverick Wave

A rebellious twist on the quiff, here we see a perfect amalgamation of wavy textures with long trends in men’s hairstyles. The top section billows out like the waves of the sea, full of motion and life, while the sides are kept short to accentuate the volume above. It’s a carefree look that resonates with those who carry a long messy aura around them, yet it’s structured enough to be a head-turner at any modern gathering.

The Subtle Sweep

This rendition of the quiff is an ode to subtlety and grace. The hair is styled in a gentle sweep, with layers that introduce a textured dynamic. The color play of darker roots transitioning to lighter tips adds an extra layer of depth, making it an ideal style for those looking to embrace long hairstyles without the boldness of an undercut.

The Casual Tousle

Here’s a look that marries messy charm with effortless style. The hair is cut in a way that allows for a textured and long messy appearance, giving off a just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe that’s calculated yet casual. It’s a prime example of a long messy 2024 trend that works exceptionally well for those with a round face, offering a softening effect to the overall silhouette.

The Rugged Elegance

This style is a testament to the power of a well-crafted quiff in enhancing masculine features. The top is styled in a sweeping motion, while the sides feature an undercut fade haircut, combining classic elegance with modern edginess. It’s a versatile look that can be dressed up or down, fitting seamlessly into a man’s wardrobe, whether he’s aiming for a rugged appeal or a polished demeanor.

The Bold Statement

The image captures a bold and uncompromising version of the quiff. The long top is pushed back to reveal a face framed by a well-maintained beard, with the sides featuring a stark fade. The hair’s natural straight texture is embraced, giving the style a powerful and commanding presence that’s right at home in a modern, fashion-forward environment.

The Avant-Garde Part

Lastly, this quiff is a work of art, challenging traditional boundaries with its asymmetrical approach. One side is kept long, while the other is shaved close, showcasing a fade that adds a punch of drama. The long top is pushed to the side, creating a textured wave that flows like a river over the scalp. It’s a style that screams individuality and would be the perfect centerpiece for a tutorial on how to rock the long trends of 2024.

The Sculpted Swoop

This hairstyle is a theatrical display of curls, set against a shaved backdrop that accentuates its messy but artful construction. The curly locks are crafted to create a sense of movement, as if caught in a perpetual gust of wind. This is a bold statement for those who dare to embrace their curls in a modern and textured fashion.

The Brooding Cascade

With hair sweeping over the eye, this style embodies a mysterious allure. The locks fall forward in a long, textured manner, suggesting a floppy and modern take on the classic quiff. It’s the kind of style that would be at home in a dark, atmospheric coffee shop or at a poetry reading, perfect for those with a penchant for the arts.

The Ethereal Sweep

A hairstyle that seems to defy gravity, this look presents a long, wavy quiff gently covering one side of the face. It offers a dreamy and romantic quality, aligning with those who have a softer aesthetic. This modern rendition of the quiff would suit an oval face, its lightness contrasting beautifully with structured attire.

The Blond Ambition

Here, the quiff takes on a sun-kissed hue, complementing a youthful and fresh-faced look. The hair is styled away from the face, creating a long, textured wave that speaks to long trends in men’s fashion. This is the quintessential summer style, evoking the spirit of the coast and long, lazy days in the sun.

The Silver Streak

This style is a futuristic take on the quiff, with a sterling silver tone that commands attention. The long hair is swept to one side, with a slight undercut adding an edge. It’s the perfect marriage of modern and classic, fitting for those who carry an air of confidence and aren’t afraid to stand out.

The Sophisticated Swirl

Immaculate and refined, this hairstyle features a long quiff artfully styled into a perfect swirl. It’s a nod to the classic styles of yesteryear but updated for the modern man. The side fade brings a textured quality that adds depth and dimension, making it a versatile choice for both formal and casual settings.

The Ginger Wave

A vibrant ginger color sets this quiff apart, with a long, wavelike top that showcases the hair’s natural texture. This style is particularly flattering for those with a round face, as the volume on top elongates the appearance of the face. It’s a daring color choice that echoes the long messy 2024 hair trend.

The Defined Edge

In this image, the quiff is characterized by its sharp lines and spiky texture. The sides are closely cropped to highlight the long and textured top, which stands out in a statement of defined style. It’s a look that mirrors the precision of an undercut fade haircut, perfect for the man who appreciates detail and a polished finish.

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